Conference affects senior’s draft stock

Tierre Wilson couldn’t have said it any better in a Thursday Fresno Bee article. “It has a lot to do with what school you go to, and the [Western Athletic Conference (WAC)] doesn’t get any recognition.”

When Wilson was not selected in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) draft, I am sure a lot of people were disappointed.

I know I was. When it was announced that she would be participating in pre-draft camp, I was sure that someone would see her talents.

The night after the draft, I ran to my computer to see if anyone had picked up the electric playmaker, but Wilson’s name was not in the draft results.

I scrolled down to the second round; didn’t see her name. I scrolled down to the third round; still nothing.

Does anybody need a player with proven leadership capabilities that plays both sides of the ball? An Associated Press All-American honorable mention solidifies you as one of the nation’s best players, correct? I guess Conference Player of the Year just doesn’t mean as much as it used to anymore.

The WNBA scouts must have not seen any of those things. They probably just saw three letters: W-A-C.

Playing in the WAC must be like an employer looking at a felony on an application; it’s usually a deal breaker.

Though Wilson was not drafted on Wednesday, someone saw the light.

Yesterday Wilson signed with the Washington Mystics. According to,Wilson is to report to camp on April 20.

Wilson is Fresno State’s first player out of the women’s basketball program to play in the WNBA.

Wilson left Fresno State heading the most successful season in school history. This year’s team finally beat Louisiana Tech at home, shared the conference championship, won the conference tournament and made it to the NCAA tournament.

Not only does Wilson have a bright future in Washington, but she leaves a bright future for the women’s basketball program at Fresno State. Ironically enough, she could be a stepping stone to the WAC and Fresno State finally getting some recognition.

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