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What does Vintage Days contribute to the Fresno State community? Do you plan on attending?

“I’ve heard it’s supposed to be here at State during this time of year. A lot of people I know are going, so it seems exciting. I might go, I don’t know.”

Vania Garcia

“I haven’t heard a whole lot about it — just on the radio a bit. I’m not planning on attending just because I live 30 miles away and gas is pretty expensive, so I only come up here when I have to go to school.”

Nicholas Thiessen
Pre-Physical Therapy

“I’ve never been, but I know my sorority sisters get really involved, so this year I’m going to go check it out and support them and see if I can get some cool stuff.”

Jennifer Wright

“I’m part of a fraternity and we were thinking about selling pizza or something, but I’m not sure if we’re going to end up doing it. I’ve never been before — this is my first year here.”

Miguel Tovar

“I will be attending certain days. I heard about it through e-mail and a couple friends. The Battle of the Bands and the food … seems pretty interesting.”

Mehul Mistry
Construction Management

“I go to Vintage Days every year. I like all the different food, the different music and the different activities. Hopefully I’ll get to go this year — I work full time.”

Anthony Moody
Athletic Training

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