The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to us. The Collegian won 19 awards from the CCMA this weekend, including first-place awards in Sports-Page Design, Headlines, Infographic, Sports Action Photography, Breaking News Story and Overall Design. Members of The Collegian’s print and online staffs traveled to San Francisco this weekend to attend seminars and pick up our awards. Our feet are tired.

Thumbs down to dysentery. Besides the nasty details of the ailment, it has been the unfortunate end of many a weary gamer travelling along the Oregon Trail. While we’re at it, thumbs down to snake bites and trying to ford the river.

Thumbs up to Hayley Munro, a forward on the women’s basketball team. Munro made a 75-foot shot at the buzzer in overtime to win Saturday night’s game for the Bulldogs against their rivals, the New Mexico State Aggies. A standard NCAA court is 94 feet long, putting Munro in the three-point range — if she were playing for the other team. Kudos to a shot that only few people will ever make once in their lives.

Thumbs down to the fact that the discrepancy between hot dogs per package and buns per package still has not been resolved, even 17 years after Steve Martin flipped out about it in his “Father of the Bride” remake.

Thumbs up to the Rogue Festival and, in particular, the number of performances representing Fresno State at the festival. Besides working to subvert the common complaint that “nothing happens in Fresno,” these performers’ presence at the festival do a lot to remind the community of Fresno State’s art scene, which often gets forgotten. Against the backdrop of the agricultural, education and business programs here.

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