Aug 13, 2020

Students hit the streets on Kids Day

File photo by Juan Villa / The Collegian

Tomorrow, Fresno and its surrounding communities will become a battlefield of sorts. An estimated 1,200 Fresno State students will be up before the sun will rise in order to gain control of a strategic post. They’re sacrificing their morning to help in the efforts –– all in the name of Kids Day.

For many organizations this day has become a competition, a point of pride. Sigma Nu Fraternity has been the highest selling organization at Fresno State for the past three years. It raised $3,406 last year alone. It won’t be easy, but President Enrique Rodriguez, will get all of his troops up and in Northeast Fresno by 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

“We have everyone trying as hard as they can,” Rodriguez said. “[We want to] show everyone that we don’t just party, we do a lot for the community, too.”

Kids Day, a fundraising event that started in 1988, is a joint effort between Children’s Hospital Central California, the Fresno Bee and KFSN ABC 30. So far, $2.8 million has been raised, by selling the special edition of the Fresno Bee. This year the goal is to raise $375,000 more.

Fresno State students are highly involved in this community effort, thanks to more than 50 organizations that participate and help make this event successful every year.

“They are our largest group [of volunteers],” said Gina Anderson, Development Coordinator at Children’s Hospital Central California.

The Delta Zeta Sorority, not as successful in the past, will try to make up for it on Tuesday, under the supervision of Maeghan Santa, vice president of Programs. Her strategy will be to gain control of the very busy intersection between Palm and Herndon avenues at 5 a.m., ready to sell newspapers.

In the past the members have scattered throughout the city, but this year the plan is different, they want to stay together.

“We learned from our past mistakes and we know how to do things better this year,” Santa said. “We’re planning to do much better.”

University Courtyard, better known as the dorms at Fresno State, will offer the help of its Resident Life Staff for this cause. Two brave volunteers will conquer their post at 3 a.m. After that, working in shifts, everyone will do his or her part.

The goal for this year, according to Michael Meadows, the Resident Director in charge of organizing Kids Day, is to beat last year’s profit of $545.

“I’m probably going to need three cups of coffee instead of one [on Tuesday],” said Robyn Horn, Resident Adviser at University Courtyard and Kids Day veteran. “But I’m stoked to do something that is genuinely good for kids.”

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