Feb 23, 2020

Spring fever strikes…

With spring break so close, some students were bombarded this week with extra assignments and scheduled midterms.

Some of those afflicted with spring fever decided to expand their vacation time by a day or two.

Associate professor and coordinator of the environmental and occupational health and safety option, Sandi Donohue, said there was a huge decrease in the number of students in her classes this week, especially Thursday.

“There were less than half of my students present in the major class I teach, which only meets once a week,” Donohue said. “Luckily I arranged all exams and made assignments due the week after spring break, but they still missed a lecture.”

Students stuck on campus because of professors anticipating the fever complained about scarce attendance in some classes and how they can’t wait for the upcoming week.

“I had three midterms this week in biology, biology lab, and English, and it’s a lot of studying, although I admit I procrastinated,” freshman kinesiology major Miguel Santos said. “I look forward to taking a road trip to LA with my friends and visiting other friends from UCLA.”

Santos wasn’t the only one jealous of those taking it easy this week.

“A lot of my classes were canceled and the ones I have to go to are half empty,” Megan Day, a sophomore music education major said.

“Everyone I know is leaving for break tomorrow and I don’t want to go to class, but I have to.”

Day’s friend, junior mathematics major Ashley Tangeman, is one of many students leaving early to start her extreme sports oriented vacation.

“I’m going snow skiing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with my family and then I’m going to pick up my boyfriend from the airport; he’s going to China with the choir,” Tangeman said.

Teaching assistant and kinesiology graduate student Edward Manio offered an objective view.

He said he noticed a decline in all his activities courses –– the ones he participates in and the ones he instructs.

“There were at least seven people missing from basketball today and we had a tournament so one team had to forfeit,” Manio said.

“On Tuesday I had 12 students absent from my strength training class out of 30, even my bowling class has missing students this week, which rarely happens.”

Donohue offered the explanation that because spring break is earlier that everyone is still clinching to winter sicknes.

But others have allergies blooming alongside the flowers.

“Illness is one explanation for the hugest decrease I’ve ever seen in student attendance, but it’s also a sign of how busy we all are and how much we need this break,” Donohue said.

“I myself am looking forward to spring break because I’m really behind on a few things I need to do and spring break is a great opportunity to get caught up.”

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