Campus Speak

Do you think changing the location of the Rogue Festival would affect student involvement and attendance?

“I definitely think it would be better known if it was here. I hardly even knew about it — people would talk about it. If it were here, I think it would be a better situation for the campus and for the community.”

Alex Gutierrez
Electrical Engineering

“I think I’d be more likely to go just because it’d be more convenient because it’s here and a lot of students don’t have vehicles. I’d feel more comfortable just staying. I’ve been down there and I’ve heard it’s not really that safe at night.”

Brandee Gunderman
Physical Therapy

“I would go to it if it were on campus because I’m already on campus and I wouldn’t have to waste gas going down to the Tower District.”

Chris McCormick

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that I’d be more apt to go to it here because you don’t have to pay for gas and if it’s something that you’re not really sure that you’re going to go to, it’s not really out of your way.”

Kevin Tos
Pre-Physical Therapy

“I wouldn’t go down to see it in the Tower District because I’ve heard it’s not very safe to be there at night. I’d rather go to it if it were here because I know the environment a little bit better and because it’s more familiar to me.”

Adriana Padilla
Liberal Studies

“I’ve never heard of it [until now.] If it weren’t so far, there wouldn’t a problem with me being able to go.”

Elizabeth Lopez

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