$3.4 Million in new grants awarded

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) announced 17 new grants/contracts totaling $3,460,746 for February. These grants bring the University’s total grants to $29 million so far this year. ORSP acknowledges the commitment of the project directors and other faculty and staff who were instrumental in the process, including Mechel S. Paggi, Kristina Roper, John Capitman, Matilda Ruwe, Neil Dion, Jane Middleton, Barbara Foster, Joanne McKay,Rosie Arenas, Carol Bohlin, Lisa Portola, James Marshall, Jared Aldern, Steve Price, Shirley Bruegman, Ed Nelson, David Zoldoske, Denise Blum and Kathy Yamo.

For more detailed information about these new grants, please go to ORSP’s web site: http://www.csufresno.edu/grants/index.shtml

NOTE: The link provided above does not activate for some computers. If you have a problem, please contact ORSP (287-0840) or go to www.csufresno.edu/grants.

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