Nov 18, 2019

‘Dogs may or may not shine in tourney

By: Jonathon Rezonable and Kyle Lazarus

The Fresno State men’s basketball team is 13-16 overall and 5-9 in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). They have two games remaining for the season before the WAC Tournament. The ‘Dogs play at Utah State and against Nevada at home.

Kyle: The ‘Dogs don’t look good going into the WAC tournament.

They are 5-9 in conference play, which doesn’t bode well for their chances. They have come close against Boise State and New Mexico State at home, but close doesn’t cut it.

Jon: The ‘Dogs don’t have the greatest record this season, but can you question the character of this team?

Before this week’s game, Hawaii was a contender for the best record in the conference and we beat them.

Let’s not forget, Boise State and New Mexico State had to pull games in the last second. This team gets better with every game.

Kyle: They play well at home, but Las Cruces, NM is a long way from home.

If Eddie Miller or Kevin Bell don’t have some of their best games of the season in the WAC tournament, the ‘Dogs are toast.

Those two have to combine for nearly two-thirds of Bulldog production every game just to have a chance to eek out a victory.

Jon: In high pressure situations Bell and Miller have been stellar.

Miller has gotten better on the road. Early in the season Miller had troubles scoring on the road, but he’s gotten better.

Miller scored 16 in the last road game against Boise State. Sure we lost, but it’s progress. If you don’t think Bell is coming to play at Las Cruces, I’m pretty sure you haven’t been watching the Bulldogs play this season.

Do you believe in saving anything for the postseason?

Kyle: I know that Bell’s a trooper, based on his performances in past games.

Against New Mexico State last night he played the last couple of minutes with an injured ankle. The ‘Dogs cannot hope to play their best game of the season every game.

The men’s basketball team better show up. Two players can’t beat five.

Jon: Bell is hurt after every game! The guy just keeps it coming.

We get significantly better each time we play a team. I’m not saying that Fresno State is going to be your 2008 WAC champs, but I am saying they are going to do better than most people think.

Beside, we have six active seniors with nothing to lose on the court. That’s dangerous.

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