‘Very superstitious’

The first-ever Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Championship came for Fresno State women’s basketball this season. The ‘Dogs took that ferocity into the WAC tournament.

And although there are many who might attribute the team’s success solely to the players’ skills and talent, point guard Tierre Wilson said there might be more to it — her headband.

“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it on,” said Wilson, who wears the headband during every game to bring her and the entire team good luck.

Just like Michael Jordan wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform during all of his games while in the NBA, Wilson wears a thin, elastic, cloth-covered headband every time she steps on the court.

Despite the marks it might leave across her forehead, she said that far from bothers her. Rather, it brings her the comfort and security to show her skills on the floor.

Wilson’s superstitions, however, do not stop there. She must also always have a pair of earrings on during practice and said she tends to write team member’s names and numbers on her arm.

“Sometimes I write girls’ names and numbers here,” she said, pointing to the inside of her arm a bit below her left elbow. “I don’t know why.”

The superstitions don’t end there for the Oklahoma native. When she is on the road, she must also have the bed by the window, something she did not consider much of a superstition but rather something that just had to be so that “things could be right.”

Wilson is not alone in her ritualistic behaviors.

Teammate LaToya Brown, also a guard, attributes most of the team’s wins to a white gold, plain cross she wears to every game.

“My dad gave it to me when I went back home,” she said.

According to Brown, this trip was about three years ago and although she might not wear it while playing, the cross must be close by when she’s playing.

However, close by does not mean the locker room. One time, a fellow teammate noticed that she was not wearing it as she stepped onto the court. The teammate went back to the locker room to get it.

Both Brown and Wilson rely not only on their own superstitions, but on each other’s superstitions.

“I will look around her neck to see if she is wearing it,” Wilson said of Brown’s cross.

Brown adds, “I can’t remember seeing her without [the headband].”

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