Moving to his own beat: DJ Kay Rich

Kyle Richard goes to parties just like any other college student, looking for fun. Richard also listens to the radio and attends clubs on weekends to get out of the house. Unlike most college students, he decided to be on the radio.

'He has passion for music and passion to DJ,' B95 radio personality Mo said about Kyle Richard, a.k.a. DJ Kay Rich.
Courtesy of DJ Kay Rich

Richard, also known as DJ Kay Rich, has been heard everywhere from the local fraternity party, to Fresno’s leading hip-hop radio station. Richard has gained notoriety for the energy he conveys through his music selection and ability to get the crowd involved.

“I can get on a mic and the rock the party,” Richard said. “All I’m about is energy non-stop.”

Word of Richard’s energy spread around the city. He was invited to participate in “Mixer Idol,” a local DJ competition. The competition took place on B95’s morning show, which usually gets about 200,000 listeners everyday.

Before the competition started, Richard was intent on bringing his signature flair to the competition.

“I called John Magic up the night before we were ready to go on, and just called to let him know,” Richard said. “I told him be ready, because man I’m going to bring the heat. It was during his show, too”

Despite not being the popular vote, the DJs decided to bring back Richard for a second showing as a wild card in the competition’s final round. In the end, Richard took second, but he left his high-energy calling card with the radio station DJs.

DJ D Soto, a B95 DJ and guest judge for the final round took notice of Richard’s performance and confidence.

“He was motivated,” DJ D Soto said. “He knows what he’s doing.”

Losing the contest was not the end of Richard’s road to being a radio DJ. A job at B95 opened up, and DJ D Soto sent Richard a text message telling him that his name was floating around. B95 radio personality Mo said that Richard’s mix of skill, personality, and ability kept him fresh in their minds.

“He has passion for music and passion to DJ,” Mo said. “I can definitely seem him being part of the B95 Unfateable Mix Squad in the future.”

Since the DJ competition, Richard said he’s never been busier. He has been booked solid since mid-January. Richard has performed at the poetry jam held in the Satellite Student Union, the step show rally and plenty of fraternity and sorority parties.

Grant George of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity said that Richard’s mix of professionalism and energy makes him the best DJ around campus. George even attributed the success of the fraternity’s parties to Richard.

Richard has come along way in two years. He’s covered venues from San Diego to Sacramento. In these journeys he has developed professional relationships with several music acts. Richard has professional ties to artists Dem Hoodstarz, Goldie Gold of the Federation, Mistah Fab and Traxxamillion.

Richard has been balancing DJ gigs in Fresno and the bay area. He is doing this while keeping up with school. Richard is currently in his fourth year at Fresno State working on a business degree.

“If you’re organized, it’s a lot harder to be overwhelmed,” Richard said.

With a pending radio job and a full schedule, Richard said he is not ready to be content just yet.

“I’m not slipping up just yet, and I don’t think I will,” Richard said. “The minute I start slacking, you have permission to slap me.”

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