Feb 24, 2020

Johnson-Klein accepts $6.6 million award

Stacy Johnson-Klein will accept the reduced $6.6 million award in the judgment that was handed down by Fresno County Superior Court Judge Donald S. Black on Friday. Black had given Johnson-Klein until Feb. 22 to accept the award or face a new trial.

The original award had been $19.1 million in the former Fresno State women’s basketball coach’s gender-discrimination lawsuit against Fresno State.

Claudia Keith, a California State University spokesperson, said previously that there are other appeals that Fresno State can file despite Johnson-Klein’s acceptance of the award. Fresno State has not yet announced what action it plans to take next.

Dawn Theodora of the university counsel said that Fresno State hopes to resolve the matter as quickly and as fairly as possible.

“We’re very pleased that Ms. Johnson-Klein moved so quickly to accept the judge’s ruling reducing the verdict,” Theodora said. “Our main goal is we all want to move forward towards a fair resolution of the case … As we move along here and determine what the best course is, we’ll announce that as soon as we can.”

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