Editorial: The Collegian proposes how to vote on California propositions

Prop. 91 — Vote NO. Not even the California voter guide provides an argument in favor of Proposition 91. The changes it proposes are already in place, having been ushered in by Proposition 1A in 2006.

Prop. 92 — Vote NO. Maybe we’re heartless, but it’s hard to justify voting for a measure that reduces the per-unit cost at community colleges when we’re all stuck paying substantially more at the CSU level.

Prop. 93 — Vote NO. While ostensibly placing stricter term limits on state legislators from 14 to 12 years, the 14-year limit is the sum of the six allowable years in the state Assembly and eight in the state Senate. Proposition 93 extends the individual limits to 12 years, making it easier for incumbents in both the Assembly and Senate to stay in office longer.

Prop. 94, 95, 96, 97 — Vote YES. These four propositions increase the percentage of revenues the four tribes will pay to the state. It’s money California needs.

Presidential Primaries:
Democrat — Barack Obama
Republican — John McCain

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