Editorial: Election 2008

As we move toward Super Tuesday, both the Democratic and Republican fields of candidates have narrowed down to two frontrunners apiece. Here is The Collegian’s assessment of these candidates and our recommendations for voting this Tuesday.

Cartoon by Patrick Tran

Hillary Clinton
Pros: Regardless of her opponents’ criticisms, Clinton does have more experience, both with respect to the Oval Office and in the area of policymaking. She has also faced greater scrutiny than any of the other candidates.
Cons: Clinton would prove an extraordinarily divisive candidate for the Democrats in the general election, and her tenure in the White House would contribute to what critics see as a two-family hegemony.

Cartoon by Patrick Tran

Barack Obama
Pros: Obama’s appeal to bipartisanship is a big draw for a number of voters, including some of us at The Collegian. Some have criticized Obama for being too ambitious, but we believe that’s far better than aiming too low.
Cons: It’s true — Obama’s experience in Washington is dwarfed by Clinton’s. And while we love his speeches, lofty words don’t necessarily translate to action.


Cartoon by Patrick Tran

John McCain
Pros: Besides the fact that McCain has more experience in Washington than any other serious candidate in either party, his “straight-talk express” has always proven popular with more independent-minded voters.
Cons: At 71, McCain is the oldest major candidate, and old enough that health could prove an issue. He’s traditionally stood apart from the Republican base, and may have trouble holding on to their support.

Cartoon by Patrick Tran

Mitt Romney
Pros: His supporters believe that his business acumen saved the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In a primary season where many voters believe the nation’s failing economy is issue No. 1, Romney might resonate.
Cons: Romney’s campaign has been consistently negative, but the most troubling part is his shifting, opportunistic stances on core GOP social issues, particularly abortion.


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