Campus Speak

“Right now, basically country music and a little alternative rock when I come up into Fresno. My favorites are probably Josh Turner and Brad Paisley.”

Kion Kashefi

“I listen to everything from Boys Like Girls to Sir Mixalot. Right now I’m kind of into like ‘Sweeney Todd.’”

Sarah Nesseth
Liberal Studies

“Radiohead, Aesop Rock. A lot of underground hip-hop and stuff like that. Some indie rock. My favorite band right now is this band from Canada called Godspeed You! Black Emperor. They’re an instrumental band.”

Paul Skomsvold

“I listen to country: Garth Brooks, Toby Keith. I don’t really have a favorite.”

Ashley Watkins
Liberal Studies

“I listen to a lot of different music. I just got into country — it’s kind of cool. I like variety because I’m usually around a lot of people.”

Jonathan Hansen

“I truly like Christian music. I go back to my old roots from time to time and listen to classic rock. But 90 percent of the time I’m listening to XM 32 — ‘The Message’ — or 101.5 FM which is Christian music, simply because it doesn’t [downgrade] women and it isn’t degrading to our society. Most music that my children listen to makes my hair curl.”

William Mask
History and Geography

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