Apr 09, 2020

Campus Speak

Did you vote in the California primary? Who should win the nominations and why?

“After class I went to vote. I voted for Hillary because she represents me more. She talks about the issues that concern me. I relate to her more. Obama is cool too, and if he won the Democratic nomination, I would probably vote for him in the general election.”

Brik Montes
Computer Science

“I’m not registered to vote. I’m part of the statistic that believes that their vote does not matter. I feel like there are a lot of people who are not educated but do vote. If I were to vote, I feel like I would be educated, and it would be all of them against me. The candidate that I find myself identifying with the most is McCain.”

Martina Island

“I’m registered to vote, but I’m not planning to vote this year because I’m not sure of the presidential candidates or who I’d want to vote for. I don’t know if we’re ready for the kind of candidates we have this year.”

Asna Pech
Civil Engineering

“I identify more with Hillary Clinton because of Bill Clinton.”

Kayla McClue
Liberal Studies

“I’ll be voting after I finish work. Your vote does count — even one vote can make a difference, especially for the Democrats, who are very close. I will vote for Hillary Clinton because she has more experience as a senator in New York and because of her marriage to Bill Clinton.”

Rufino Gonzalez
Civil Engineering

“Actually, I need to go right now. I’m going to vote. I feel if I don’t put my two cents in, I can’t really complain when we don’t get the guy that I want.”

Christopher Manriquez
Mass Communication and Journalism

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