Aug 08, 2020

Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

Blu-Ray is not going to win the war. Neither is HD DVD.

Wait, what?

You heard right. Neither format is going to win.

Here’s the deal: Last month Warner Brothers chose to go exclusive in Blu-Ray. This has been viewed as a death blow to HD DVD.

As college students, why should you worry? Many of us can’t afford an HDTV, much less a high-definition compatible player. Even more ridiculous is the price of the high-definition discs. I only ever buy previously viewed DVDs from Blockbuster when they are four for $20. So far, it’s impossible to consistently buy a Blu-Ray or HD DVD disc for less than $20.

There are probably countless blogs on the interweb raving about each format. That’s great. There’s probably even more Web sites telling consumers to wait out the war. But hey, not everyone can wait. I can (and will), but some nerds have to bask in their HD nerd glory.

High definition is amazing. If you’ve seen it, you know. The Discovery Channel and NFL football have never been so time-consuming. You can actually see the puck when watching hockey. I’ll get down to it. If you have the pocket change to buy a high definition player, buy this one.

The concept is really quite simple. You go to the store, fork out five hours of a minimum-wage job salary for one high definition disc. You put it in a player that plays both formats. Then you pray that you have an HDTV. (You do. Hopefully a 1080p one.)

Then it doesn’t really matter when Blu-Ray wins, because actually, you win.

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