Jul 16, 2020

A good year for graduates at the Career Expo

Red and blue balloons welcomed students into the Savemart Center for the Career Expo on Thursday.

“It went really well,” said Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen, the director of Career Services.

Over 2,100 students attended the expo, which is far more than Bocchinfuso-Cohen and the rest of the staff expected. She explained that compared to last year, when about 1,800 students attended, the amount of students has increased significantly.

Various companies attended from an array of industries.

“First, I hope that students had fun and secondly, were not intimidated,” she said. She explained that many students do get overwhelmed at the Career Expo because there are so many companies and information. Many students do not know where to begin.

Career Services will be holding two workshops to give students “Tips for Success” that will help students prepare resumes, sell their skills and gain valuable experience.

If students found career opportunities at the expo, Bocchinfuco-Cohen hopes that students made follow-up contacts to show interest and initiative.

“The companies meet dozens after dozens of students and they may not be sure who was interested, until you show that initiative,” she said.

According to Career Services, students should not be discouraged with the state of the economy because it will not affect college graduates.

“There are so many companies out there looking for talented people,” Bocchinfuco-Cohen said.

Many employees are near retiring, which give graduates the opportunity to move in.

“This is a good year for graduates,” she said.

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