Nov 15, 2019

Fair brings federal agencies

Fresno State students learned about federal government jobs at the Federal Networking Fair hosted by Fresno State. The U.S. Department of Agriculture was responsible for the event, promoting it to the community to create a strong partnership between government agencies and students.

The Craig School of Business invited 35 federal agencies to promote internships, scholarships and employment programs and opportunities. With nearly 71 percent of current federal employees eligible for retirement in 2010 and 30 percent expected to retire, the fair gives students the chance to see federal employment opportunities.

About a thousand students attended the job fair on Feb. 5. Representatives from each government agency spoke eagerly to students about recruiting.

Angela Ausman, the assistant district manager for the Social Security Administration in Fresno, said that the Social Security program is constantly looking for skilled people to help them assist the public because “millions of people depend on Social Security and its program.

“Once you get your foot in the door, the opportunities are endless,” Ausman said.

Ausman explained that after beginning an entry-level job, it is very easy to move up. The Social Security program trains employees at all levels.

“It doesn’t even matter what your major is,” she said.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, also trains officers to carry out their values for all levels of jobs. Keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the United States is their main goal, with the help of many officers specializing in various fields.

Joseph Escalante, senior officer and recruiter, works with the organization to regulate special goods that enter the country.

“I make sure that the fruits and vegetables are not toxic or contain drugs being smuggled,” he said. “Our jobs are very important.”

Another agency recruiting students was the General Services Administration (GSA), which influences the spending of federal agencies and their budgets. GSA manages space, products, services and solutions to other agencies. It also has various jobs in management and specialists in realty and contracts.

Rhonda Durant, the human resources specialist for GSA, said that the labor force has decreased and they are “hoping for a turnaround.

“The benefits are endless,” she said. “Whatever an agency needs, we are there to give it to them; whether it is rental cars for business trips or finding a space or building for an agency.”

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