Nov 17, 2019

The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to Super Bowl parties. You’re probably going to break your New Year’s resolutions anyway, so you may as well do it with nachos and football.

Thumbs down to jury duty summons. More specifically, thumbs down to waking up early to drive downtown, walking a mile from the free parking to the courthouse and spending the morning in a crowded room with a number of people who decided not to shower because they had to wake up early and because they think greasy hair will keep them from getting selected until, 3 hours later, the crew running the whole thing decides to let everybody go.

Thumbs up to the California law that requires employers to give their employees paid time off to go vote, provided those workers can’t find another time to vote. Ever needed a reason not to vote absentee? Missing the first part of your shift sounds good to us!

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