Way to go, ITS!

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I consider myself technologically challenged and reporting on the new wireless network really brought me up-to-speed on how wireless Internet connections work.

To be honest, I have never really known or cared to know, how I was able to log onto the Internet. As long as I am able to log on whenever I want, I am good.

Though I do remember being really annoyed last semester, when the Internet was not working in our MCJ computer lab in McKee Fisk for several weeks. That became a really big hassle and I was ready to go after whoever was responsible.

As it turns out, Information Technology Services (ITS) was probably where I would have gone had I actually pursued my complaint. They were my key source for this story and I never realized how much their department contributes to the everyday functioning of the campus.

Way to go ITS! They are steadily making our campus one big hot spot.

The one question I should have asked but didn’t (out of fear of sounding rude and condescending) was who decided to name the new connection “Bulldogs.” It is so similar to the existing “Bulldog” connection that nobody knows there is a difference between the two.

They could have been a whole lot more creative while keeping it well within the realm of school spirit. Anyhow, hopefully more students and faculty will now know that there is a distinction between the two and that they have broader Internet access while on campus.

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