Feb 23, 2020

President Huckabee would end Wishy-Washington

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My hugest pet peeve about politics has been the wavering back and forth of so many politicians.

It frustrates me.

It’s one thing for me, as a young student forming views and opinions to switch around on issues and allow enlightenment to change my mind, but the leaders of this country are a different story.

In examining candidates running for nomination in the 2008 presidential election, I looked for one who stood up honestly for something.

After seeing Mike Huckabee’s New Hampshire speech I found such a candidate, with strong views on cleaning up the nations struggling economy. Obviously no candidate has all the answers and is firm on every topic, but Huckabee caught my eye because for once I noticed someone running a stable campaign.

My intention isn’t to de-value or undermine the hard work performed by various other candidates, many of whom also have some strong opinions. I feel that Huckabee, however, has presented his ideals in the best way, without attacking his competitors and taken defeats humbly.

When sitting down to write my opinion piece I thought of these issues and how it feels to be an indecisive individual preparing to vote for the first time. I thought it was important to express how my thought process in selecting a candidate to support worked, and to mention the qualities that attracted me to Huckabee.

This issue is important to me because it’s clear that the youth vote has major influence over the election, and for many students on campus this is the first presidential election they’ll be voting in.

Obviously views among young voters are mixed, and while I did want to bring more attention to Mike Huckabee in the opinion piece, my main purpose was to give other young voters some things to consider when looking at all candidates.

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