Aug 09, 2020

The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to the Fresno State Farm Market for donating 50 turkeys to the Poverello House for Thanksgiving this year. The turkeys were delivered last Thursday and are, like most turkeys, planned to feed the Fresno community for days after Thanksgiving.

Thumbs down to the men’s basketball team for losing 65-64 against the Bakersfield Roadrunners, who are in Division I play for the first time this season. It’s a little embarassing, we think, and not a good start the team’s season.

Thumbs up to Larissa Schuster — not from us, but from a juror who was “very impressed” with Schuster’s testimony on Thursday afternoon. Though the juror, a middle-aged woman, according to The Fresno Bee, said she “thought afterward it was not a good thing to do, and not appropriate,” that judgment came a bit too late, especially given the case against Schuster, which accuses her of putting her murdered husband’s body in a vat of acid. So really, thumbs down for disrupting the natural course of an already-difficult trial.

“The One-Finger Salute” is culled each week from discussions in The Collegian newsroom

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