Recognition is due

Kim: Most athletic teams on campus that are not football or basketball get recognition only if they do well. Sometimes, even if the team isn’t on a winning streak, players garner recognition by being the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) player of the week or breaking school records.

A team such as the volleyball team, now 5-19 overall, recently added a name to the record book. Women’s soccer earned WAC honors this week, too.

I think stuff like this is kind of cool, but I wonder, does anybody actually care?

Jim: If they don’t, they should. Student athletes deserve recognition, no matter how popular the sport. The same energy is put into each respective sport as the others.

Think about the workload these students have. Classes, practices, games. A major commitment is needed to succeed in college athletics.

Some may look at football and basketball as major sports, but what about a sport like equestrian? Do you think anybody can just walk off the street and raise a horse? Let alone train the horse to do all the things that are required of it in a competition setting. Now that’s a clutch situation.

Kim: Volleyball is another example. A new record was set by a freshman named Lauren Berger. Berger is a middle blocker and stands 6 feet 2 inches. She has played in all 24 matches this season, and is fourth all-time among freshman at Fresno State in block assists (56) and total blocks (59).

Unless you are a fan or current/former player, that might not mean a whole lot. I played the sport briefly so it means something to me.

It’s pretty interesting that a freshman is breaking records. It’s just too bad the team’s win-loss record doesn’t reflect her successes.

Jim: Staying in the realm of net sports, good things are happening over at the Wathen Tennis Complex, as well. Melanie Gloria and Tinesta Rowe recently won the doubles title at the Northwest Regional Championships in Palo Alto, Calif. They defeated their own teammates for the title. Talk about a win-win situation. Gloria and Rowe are currently ranked No. 11 nationally.

Another name to remember is Grant Doverspike. The sophomore is the defending WAC Men’s Golf Champion. He doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and I would know. He’s my neighbor.

Kim: Another name making waves this week is women’s soccer goalkeeper, Kaity Revel. Also a freshman, Revel made seven saves in two matches last weekend and allowed only one goal. She was named WAC Defensive Player of the Week.

Revel’s teammates Andrea Alires and Amanda Reyes also earned honors earlier this season, which is such a positive thing for the university and those athletes.

And yet the only reason I know about these honors is because of my position here at the paper and my desire to consume my time with nothing but Fresno State athletics.

Am I the only one?

Jim: It’s sad to see, but not many people even know who most of the aforementioned people are. Just because an athlete doesn’t play a “big-three” sport, they do not receive much attention.

But what these athletes are doing is making our school well-rounded athletically. The more successful student-athletes we have, the more prestigious our athletic program becomes.

Kim: Well, it may not mean a lot to some, but I tip my hat to those student-athletes who continue with their successes regardless of the lack of support. I’ll continue to appreciate it.

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