No more moronitude

Not too long ago, I wrote a column about multiculturalism. I was very negative toward it. Apparently people agreed — there’s hope for the country yet.

In the past, students and staff respond angrily and furiously when I write about how multiculturalism is ruining our country. Students and staff write even more furiously when the same basic points are said stupidly.

Not so this time.

As of 7:26 p.m. on Thursday, a single commenter responded to the column. He agreed amiably.

What am I supposed to do with that? How do I aggressively attack misinterpretation and moronitude when there isn’t any?

I wrote that thinking that racism is a pretty hot topic these days. The circumstances and media coverage surrounding the Jena Six, as modern civil rights activists call them in homage to the Little Rock Five and others, should be testament to the hot topic-ness of it all.

I’ll take the silence as assent to my premise: racism isn’t dead, and multiculturalism won’t defeat it. The new college-age generation — future governors, congressmen and Supreme Court justices — needs to understand this.

We can’t passively accept what our parents tell us. “Generation Me” did a lot of good — there’s a whole lot of bad still out there. We also get to fix their messes.

If we’re going to try solving any problems, we’ll need to get started now. The early indoctrination of our generation against racism inoculated us pretty well. Let’s work on indoctrinating the youngsters against homophobia and racial inequity and we’ll be good.

Start thinking about possible solutions now. I have questions I don’t know how to begin to address.

How could we tackle how women make quarters on a comparable man’s dollar? How do we encourage American solidarity and ethnic tolerance when there’s so much division? What’s the deal with deficit spending?

Don’t look at me. I’m a thoughtless critic — I can only criticize.

But if you start thinking now, you’ll have an answer. That’s the beauty of being the future.


In other news: criminal justice students observe subject the hard way; Republican candidate offers gaping loophole for the indecisive; and you’d think a drug plantation would be pretty obvious, what with the whole advocating-centuries-of-racist-oppression thing.

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