Is Fresno State’s campus HAUNTED?

Glimmering amongst the shadows, the McKee Fisk building
Juan Villa / The Collegian

Cadavers, a bloody chainsaw and a dismembered body are things that you expect from a horror movie, but little do many students know that they are actually part of Fresno State history.

Some of the upstairs practice rooms in the Music building are rumored to be haunted.

Strong winds and unexpected lightning lit the night sky as DJ Clovis, a senior music performance major, said that he heard strange noises in the music building.

“Some people say that they hear voices or whistling in the practice rooms,” Clovis said.

There are other buildings on campus that hold some surprising tools used for studying.

Some classes held in Mclane Hall require students to work with cadavers. Amanda Lopez, a junior physical therapy major, is taking one of these classes. She said the rooms are always cold and have a morgue-like feel.

Being there alone is not something that she likes to do.

“It’s the whole setting,” Lopez said. “It’s cold and you know the bodies are there and they’re dead. You see all of these movies that bring up things in your head that freaks you out. You know that they are not true, but still.”

Another building that has a creepy story is the Mckee Fisk building.

Greg Lewis, a mass communication and journalism professor, said that late one night he was showing a few people the plaque in memory of Roger Tatarian, just outside of Mckee Fisk.

He stood on the plaque and said, “Hello, Roger.” Just then, the automatic doors behind him opened and closed by themselves.

According to an article written by Donald E. Coleman of the Fresno Bee in October of 1997, there is one professor from Fresno State history who has been referred to as “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Almost 20 years ago, Max Bernard Franc, a former political science professor from Fresno State, was arrested in August of 1988 for the murder of Tracy Leroy Nute.

Police discovered Franc after he rented and returned a chainsaw that was stained with blood, still containing bits of flesh.

He was charged for shooting Nute, and then cutting up the body to get it out of his apartment in west Hollywood. Parts of the body were found in Madera County and Los Angeles County.

If you happen to be on campus and feel a cold chill or your hair stand up, remember that it may be more than just your imagination.

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