Horror flicks worth a watch

I watch a lot of movies. I like the artsy stuff: the dramas, the comedies.

But some of my favorite movies to watch — whether it’s Halloween or not — are horror films.

After class on Halloween, I’ll be watching a few horror movies, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites most people haven’t seen whether or not they’re actually good. Some are so bad you can laugh at them.

1. “Audition” (2000)
Plot: A movie producer holds a fake audition to find a new wife, but the girl he picks ends up having a spotty history. Things get weird.
Rating: A-
Why I like it: This is a Japanese horror movie that shockingly hasn’t been remade yet — even though it’s better than all the Rings, the Grudges and Pulses put together. A&E put together a list of the 100 scariest movies ever and Audition made the top 10. To put it in perspective: this movie scared Rob Zombie.
Avoid it if: You couldn’t stomach “Hostel.”

2. “Dog Soldiers” (2002)
Plot: An army battalion in the middle of war games is attacked by werewolves.
Rating: B+
Why I like it: It’s directed by Neil Marshall, the guy who made “The Descent.” You know, that cave movie. Dog Soldiers, though, is like “Predator” with werewolves. This is a good one to watch if you’re waiting for “Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem,” as Dog Soldiers has the same feel with army types shooting semi-automatic weapons at various beasts.
Avoid it if: You can’t stand British accents. This one has a lot of them.

3. “Cube” (1997)

Plot: Seven strangers wake up in a maze with different blocked rooms. The rooms are trapped and they must figure out how to escape.
Rating: B-
Why I like it: It’s better than any of the Saw sequels. I had the same feeling watching this as I did with the first Saw, though Cube lacks the over-the-top gore. Don’t get me wrong: there’s still some, but it’s more based on the tension that builds as the people go from room to room, not knowing if something will set off a trap. It’s interesting to see how the characters actually try to use smarts to survive.
Avoid it if: You like cinematography. The whole movie is a bunch of square rooms that all look the same.

4. “Slaughter High” (1986)
Plot: A group of adults go back to school for what they think is a class reunion. What they didn’t know is that a kid they teased in high school wants revenge for them disfiguring him in an accident.
Rating: C-
Why I like it: I used to watch this all the time when I was little. People do the dumbest things when they know a killer is around, and they pay dearly for it in this slasher. Best part of the movie is the guy who drinks a beer laced with acid. Though it isn’t on DVD — it probably never will be — it’s on FearNet every once in a while.
Avoid it if: You can’t stand people too stupid to survive. This movie is filled with them.

5. “Troll” (1986)
6. “Troll 2” (1990)

Plot: In “Troll,” a troll tries to find a ring that will bring him back to the world. In “Troll 2,” a boy finds out the city he’s vacationing in is filled with monsters.
Rating: D+, F+
Why I like it: These might be the worst movies ever made. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, but they’re so bad they’re good. In “Troll,” the main character’s name is Harry Potter and there are wizards, elves and fantasy. It makes you wonder if J.K Rowling got drunk one night and loosely plagiarized a horrible 80s movie. Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘s character — she also plays Elaine from “Seinfeld” — goes crazy and runs around in the woods naked while Sonny Bono plays a swinger that is always in his bathrobe and gets turned into a tree.

“Troll 2”, though, is just bad. There aren’t even any Trolls in the movie — they’re goblins — and it has nothing to do with the first movie. Even so, these two movies usually come packaged together, so you don’t have to pay for two rentals. “Troll 2” rates high on the unintentional comedy scale.
Avoid it if: You don’t enjoy watching movies that are so bad they’re good or if you don’t want to see Sonny Bono like this.

Honorable Mentions:
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
A former child star abuses her more popular sister.
The Stepfather (1987)
A man starts to kill when his new family doesn’t live up to his standards.
Ginger Snaps (2000)
Two sisters have to deal with a werewolf bite in addition to their daily high school angst.

Benjamin Baxter contributed to this report.

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