Feb 28, 2020

Halloween costumes can be tricky

Joseph Vasquez / The Collegian

At Halloween Express on Shaw and Chestnut avenues, Karissa Bilbo smiled with the enthusiasm of someone who loves her job –– it is her first. To get it, she came to her interview with two pictures of herself in full costume.

As she walked through the aisles of bags, wigs and masks, she gave her advice to the last minute shoppers. Costume-wise, the most popular items, according to Bilbo, have been pirates and gangsters, much of which are gone.

Joseph Vasquez / The Collegian

Because she has seen so many Fresno State students, she had some advice: to have fun. She suggested huge showy glasses, goofy disguise glasses and hats and costume makeup. Not only were those accessories a quick costume; they were cheap, with the glasses being only $6.99, some of the makeup was even cheaper. Bilbo explained that dressing up in fun little pieces is more than appropriate for a costume party. It may not win a costume contest, but it is sure to show enough to be a part of the Halloween dress-up spirit.

But there is one trend that Bilbo couldn’t explain –– the popularity of dressing up as a baby for Halloween. She pointed to the wall of the costumes with a surprised look on her face. “A lot of people [who come in] tell me they want to be babies,” Bilbo said. “Because it’s easy.”

–Photos by Joseph Vasquez

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