Clinton’s rally at Fresno High School a smart campaign move

Hillary Clinton’s appearance today at a campaign rally at Fresno High School marks the first major step a Democratic contender has made toward trying to rally support from the Central Valley.

The decision to host the event at Fresno High School has garnered some criticism from students on campus and from our online community, however. We believe it represents a good strategic move on the part of Clinton and her campaign organizers.

Specifically, we address the critics who point to the fact that the majority of the high school population is unable to vote — that the rally would be better served either on our campus or on Fresno City’s. Much of the media treats Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate as a foregone conclusion, and we can reasonably imagine Clinton’s campaign managers proceeding with the same confidence. It is worth considering, then, that at least a fourth of Fresno High School’s student body should be eligible to vote in the 2008 presidential election.

Fresno High School is also located close enough to draw students from Fresno City College and, for those of us willing to wake up early enough, the drive won’t prove too unreasonable.

Furthermore, the proximity to the Fresno City campus as well as the fact that it is just blocks away from the Tower District — the hub of Fresno’s art scene — helps illuminate the area as the theoretical liberal epicenter of Fresno.

While the staff of The Collegian stands divided on our support of Clinton as a candidate, we applaud the candidate for the extent to which her visitation might help facilitate political discussion in the Valley and discourage politicians from writing the region categorically as conservative.


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