Aug 13, 2020

Campus Speak

How has your college work helped shape your current or future career, if at all?

“I do want to become a psychologist. I like helping people. I feel like I can make a difference that way.”

Ashley Tomas

“In my experience, a lot of students take a business major or a management major thinking they’re going to go into business. Then they get out into the world and find there are far more interesting things to do with their skills. I also think the best thing you can do for anything you want to do in life is a liberal arts education.”

Toni Wein, Ph. D.

“I know there is some demand for art and graphic design but I don’t know where to look, honestly. It’s kind of hard to get into those fields.”

Lacey Brack
Art: Graphic Design

“Definitely. I’m majoring in math so I can teach at some point at the high school level. I’m definitely going to apply what I learned in my major to my field.”

Donato Mireles

“I didn’t really use my undergraduate degree in the career I had before. I was a teacher and it was more babysitting than it was doing any math. I didn’t like it. I wanted to do math in my career.”

Paige Parker
Electrical Engineering

“All of my studies definitely helped in my career. What I studied is what I’ve been doing, both in teaching political science and in working in the real world of political. However, it’s possible I could still be working in international relations with a degree in another field. You don’t necessarily have to have a degree in the same field.”

Melanie Ram, Ph. D.
Political Science

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