Sober students less rowdy, still want alcohol

It’s been one year since the powers that be removed alcohol from Bulldog Stadium, and student reaction remains mixed.

Jason Trevino, a senior history major, said the no-alcohol policy was notable in the home football opener against Sacramento State.

The ban also means less money for the athletic department and ultimately the university, he said.

“I don’t think they should have banned it,” he said. “I think they should bring it back, maybe control it for just a section.”

Dietetics senior Clint Lara didn’t go to the game, but said the fans would probably be less boisterous.

“It kind of kills the home team momentum,” he said. “It’s good and bad.”

There are other ways for unscrupulous students.

“Now we have to sneak it in instead of buying it,” he said.

Others aren’t sure why the policy went into effect.

Lara said it’s to promote a family atmosphere, but Carly Cahoon, a health science senior, said it had to do with curtailing underage drinking.

“I think it’s worse off because people just get belligerently drunk before a game,” she said.

Freshman Grace DeMarco, a liberal studies major, called the ban pointless.

“People just get drunk before the games,” she said. “People are still drunk during the games.

“I don’t think it makes any sense. Either way, people are going to drink.”

Steve Rendon, a junior history major, said he likes to drink.

“I’m a drinker,” he said. “[The ban is] bad.”

Rendon was more practical about it.

“If we’re not going to do so well this season, we need something to keep our minds busy.”

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