Mascot makeover spoils traditions

The previous Timeout, with his floppy tongue and pot-belly, was a clear favorite among Fresno State fans.
Juan Villa / The Collegian


What happened to Timeout?

Our cute cuddly mascot has undergone a full makeover.

His debut at the first football game caught me by great surprise.

He may be “stronger” and “hipper” but he also looks more like a cat and wears clothes that are maybe a little too tight for his own good.

I was expecting this “cooler” version of the mascot to do some back-flips or jump around thanks to his newfound fitness.

At least if he is going to look mean and tough, he could act like it, right?

That was disappointing.

He didn’t tumble or carry anything heavy, but apparently he can bench press 225 pounds.

I want to know who is in the suit and if they really can do everything that Timeout is said to be able to do.

At the first football game, he just walked around the field with a football while the band played.


I’m kind of confused by the whole workout thing he did this summer. The commercial I saw showed Timeout working with trainers and getting into shape.

I mean, I guess it’s part of the act but I keep hearing about the diet he went on.

Are we talking about the person inside the suit or the actual figure?

I’m so confused.

At least the old Timeout matched the logo by being big and grey. He may have looked a bit ridiculous with a big red tongue hanging out of his mouth but he still looked like a dog.

I miss the old Timeout.

The transition from old to new has not favored Fresno State
Juan Villa / The Collegian


When the new Timeout was revealed a couple of weeks ago, I legitimately thought it was a cross promotional ad for Friskies.

Last time I checked our school’s mascot was the Bulldogs, not the Wildcats. Bulldog Stadium might as well be nicknamed “The Litter Box.”

This so-called makeover Timeout had over the summer was more like a nip and tuck operation. The last time I checked the Bulldog emblem is grey, not brown.

Not that the old Timeout was that intimidating, but come on, what the heck is a smiling cat supposed to do? A mascot is meant to rally support, not discourage fans from attending games.

The whole routine with the band was a little much as well. He looked more like a drunk in a costume than actually coinciding with the marching band.

As a longtime Bulldog fan, I am saddened by the departure of the old Timeout. When we were kids, Timeout would blow up his inflatable tongue and make us happy to cheer on the Bulldogs.

With the banning of alcohol at Bulldog Stadium this new mascot could be the last straw for the REDZONE.

Our football team comes home Sept. 29 and I do not foresee any better reviews for a our new mascot.

Hey, if worse comes to worse, Timeout could always stand out in front of Petco.

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