Aug 07, 2020

Letter to the editor

For the first time in my life I am feeling hope — at least as far as our presidential race goes.

As a more liberal sort, I wasn’t finding much to enjoy in the upcoming presidential race. Aside from a couple bottom-runners, it’s the same old song and dance.

Then I began to hear about Ron Paul. How often is there a candidate where the more you hear about them, the better they sound?

I can’t sway you to Mr. Paul with a letter in a newspaper, but perhaps you can sway yourself. Do some research, because without support you won’t hear about him much in mainstream television media.

If you’re comfortable on the Internet, visit Youtube and watch his interviews. See his ideals. Find hope for a candidate that isn’t simply the lesser of two evils.

I have switched to the Republican party this year to vote for Ron Paul in our state primary, and I hope I won’t be the only one.

Have hope for your country — that it can be what it was supposed to be when ink and blood wet the parchment of the Constitution and created the greatest country in the world.

Robert J. Anaforian

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