Apathetic students fail to take advantage of campus offerings

THERE ARE A lot of events that happen here on campus but it just doesn’t seem like anyone really cares.

That’s the impression that I get at least. Events, even those that appear to be pretty hyped up, don’t get the attention of students. With the exception of football, athletics don’t really draw many students either.

This is a real problem here. Students don’t seem to care, have time or know about events on campus. While football games seem to draw the biggest crowds, they’re never sold out and the majority of people attending the games are not students.

Of course, football is always a crowd pleaser, but what about other Fresno State sports? Women’s soccer and volleyball play during the same time of the year as football and never get the attention that they should. No offense to the football program, but the team hasn’t done much to uphold Fresno State pride, or even had a winning record for a while. So why does it draw big crowds?

Although we have a multimillion dollar arena — the best in the CSU system by the way — basketball doesn’t get much attention from students either. Students are offered about 2,000 free tickets per game, but they still don’t take advantage.

Granted, for a majority of students on campus there are probably more important things to do during the week. Let’s face it — who wants to spend any more time on campus than they need to?

Consider the list of things we have to think about once we get on campus: finding a parking spot, tests, long lunch lines, tests, professors, no library, student fees, homework, tests.

The list goes on.

For example, many struggling college students know you can get a pizza at Little Caesar’s for $5.

But where is that money going to come from? Not from all the change under your couch cushions. That money is coming from our paychecks.

Most of us have to work and no matter how much we work, all we can afford are those $5 pizzas.

Our jobs are important to us.

But we all need a break from spending and that’s why students should pay attention to events held on campus.

There was an event held at The Bucket last semester that had the potential to have a big turnout — but it didn’t. This event featured music and even provided free food.

Still, no one came.

Yes your job is important. Without it how could you afford to go to clubs, bars, or watch the occasional overpriced movie at the theater?

But did you know that there are a couple of times during the semester when movies are shown for free on campus?

Heck, you can even get free tickets to movies that are in theaters.

Everyone loves to spend time with his or her friends, but there are cost effective ways of doing that on-campus.

Many different clubs and organizations provide food at their meetings. There’s always the Rec Center for a free workout.

There are free concerts during lunch time and sometimes scheduled at the Satellite Student Union.

Even tailgates before football games sometimes provide free tickets for students.

In a nutshell, there is a lot to do on campus. Much of the time, these events are free to students. Sometimes they offer free food, which is important for college students.

And frankly, free movies, games and concerts is a good way to take a break from worrying about parking, professors, tests and all the rest.

Vicente Reyes is a senior at Fresno State majoring is Mass Communication and Journalism with emphases in Digital Media and Print Journalism, as well as a minor in history. He is patiently counting down the hours until Halo 3 comes out.

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