Aug 13, 2020

No time to be a couch potato

Joseph Vasquez / The Collegian

Last Thursday, dorm days meant 1,150 students moving into nine resident halls at University Courtyard for two days straight.

To the courtyard staff, this meant the beginning of the school year crowds.

“We’re completely full,” Director of Housing Erin Boele said. “It’s organized chaos.”

Though Aug. 23 was only the first move-in day, according to Boele “essentially everyone” was moving in that Thursday.

Amid the hustle and bustle, the University Courtyard staffers were prepared for the demand.

Moving the students in was only part of a four-day weekend of sorts– students had these few days left before school to get situated and ready for the new year.

Activites including an open barbeque with Fresno State President John Welty encouraged everyone to get acquainted. Workshops teaching students to make their dorm room their own were available. The goal was to make the transition of moving away from home easier for both the students and their parents.

Dressed in red shirts, the University Courtyard Staff stationed themselves throughout the residential halls on campus.

Each of them stood ready to answer questions and help calm the nerves of new and returning students alike.

But from looking at the check-in line, the process was moving along so smoothly that even the students, mostly freshmen, didn’t appear nervous.

Freshman Kendra Coole, for one, looked ready to move in.

Her mom was standing next to her ready to help out if needed. But Coole looked confident enough not to need any help.

Though she did admit to being “a little bit” nervous when asked about it, she said that she was looking forward to living away from home and trying things out on her own.

One step Coole had already taken before even arriving at the dorms was to contact her roommates.

Her brand new roommates played a large role in comforting Coole.

They also helped her know what to expect on the chaotic move-in day.

Thursday morning, roommates getting acquainted was exactly what was happening up and down the halls of the Seqouia dormitory.

Many students were moving in at the same time to share the dorm rooms.

New dormmates Kim Mizumoto and Christin Williams were busy unpacking large suitcases in their new room, while Williams’s mom helped organize the closet.

“At first I was nervous about having roommates,” Mizumoto said, expressing her initial concern of if strangers could be roommates and get along.

Her concerns slowly disappeared as the two roommates unpacked.

But if Mizumoto does get home sick, her commute would be miniscule since she is from Fresno.

In comparison, Williams’s drive home is much longer since she traveled all the way from Los Angeles to attend Fresno State.

“It feels a lot more diverse here,” Williams said of her decision to leave Los Angeles for Fresno.

Williams’s mom, Herman Boykin, was happy that her daughter decided to try things out on her own, like moving away from home and living in the dorms.

“Actually, it’s a good thing,” Boykin said, smiling. “It’s good for us [as parents], we get to clear out their room.”

Though she laughed after her comment, Boykin’s expression changed quickly.

“[What I said is] absolutely a joke,” Boykin said, looking at her daughter with a much more serious look. “Because I’ll miss her.”

For more information about reserving a room for another semester or other questions, please visit

Their web site features more details about the staff and breaks up common questions into categories for both current and prospective residents.

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