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Fans in the student section at a Fresno State football game last season cheering the Bulldogs to victory.  Clapping thundersticks is one of many ways to motivate our players, but make sure to collow common cheering etiquette at this season
Andrew Riggs / The Collegian

There are rules to almost everything, whether written or assumed.

It seems that when it comes to sports, there are no real official rules for the fans.

While sports can be a good way to let loose and enjoy ourselves, there are some rules that would allow everyone to enjoy them even more.

Arrive before kick-off

Kim: Being late is just a thing I do, sometimes even on purpose. When it comes sporting events, the earlier you get there, the more you can cheer. Arriving on time is the cool thing to do these days.

Jim: Arriving early does not necessarily mean you have to enter the stadium. Why not kill some time with your buddies and tailgate before? Throw some brats and burgers on the grill, get out the ol’ lawn chairs and listen to some of the pre-game hype on ESPN 1430. Or even go around and take in the beautiful scene that is Bulldog Stadium.

When to do the wave

Kim: I get pretty excited by the wave, like most die-hard Bulldog fans do. It is only effective if it’s done on defense. It’s a distraction mechanism to the team on offense so save it for that.

Jim: We are the red wave, so live up to it. Nothing is lamer than starting the wave and watching it die once it reaches the red seats. The wave is a team effort—if not everyone’s—to be involved. Make the person next to you stand up. Is it really that big of a hassle to stand up and sit right back down?

Stay involved in the game

Kim: Whether you go to the football game just to watch or not, one of the greatest things is to participate with the band and the cheers. It’s fun to get a little goofy and crazy when everyone else is doing it too. Besides, a stadium full of people acting like complete lunatics has a pretty intense vibe to it.

Jim: Cheering is always nice, but getting into the game is more than that. When we are trying to make a first down, when it is third and long, DON’T GET LOUDER! Our team needs to hear the snap count. When our opponent is on offense keep up the old school defense chant, it gets our players hyped. Stand for the entire game, but even if you don’t, at least stand during kickoffs, key third-down conversions and every big play. Suck it up, you have all of halftime to sit down. Don’t forget to dance during the bulldog bounce.

REDZONE etiquette

Kim: We can’t stress enough is the job of the REDZONE. Cheer for our team and make it known that you’re there. That sea of red not only makes a huge statement but the more noise coming from that section, the better. It’s more fun that way.

Jim: This section must always be the loudest in the stadium. The die-hards should be up front with their painted faces and trash-talking mouths. Even though last year’s Hawaii game was embarrassing, never boo or heckle your own players. Yes, he’s still our quarterback. Live with it and cheer on.

And whatever the point differential is, never leave the stadium early. Nothing is more discouraging than an empty student section—stay loyal. Most importantly, always wear red. If you bring a guest, make them wear red. Our opponents should look up and see a sea of crimson.

These simple rules, will enhance your Fresno State Football experience. If all else fails, just remember that you going to the game is already a huge contribution to the team.

If we as fans do our part by following these guidelines, we may provide our team with the motivation that they need on their road to victory.

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