Jul 04, 2020

Collegian returns

With the start of the new semester comes changes — new clothes, new classes, new professors and maybe even a new major for some.

For the fall 2007 semester, The Collegian is not impervious to semester changes, as can be seen with the editorial staff, myself included.

I will be taking over the reins of The Collegian as the new Editor in Chief, a position I’ve held now for about a month.

While I do have experience in the journalism field due to my previous job as the city reporter for a local weekly newspaper, my educational passions led me instead to a bachelor’s degree in history here at Fresno State.

I hope my journalism work experience and historical educational background will aid me in this new position as the school paper’s editor.

My new job, however, has been made a lot easier thanks to the support and talent of a couple other, also new, section editors.

While The Collegian’s news editor, Brent VonCannon, is new to the position, he is not new to The Collegian. The senior print journalism major has written for the paper in the past, and served as the beat reporter last semester for the news section.

Megan Reilly will be taking over as the new features editor. Her writing has also appeared in The Collegian, though much of her time in the past comes from her job at a local weekly newspaper and her broadcast journalism classes.

The sports section also features two new faces.

Kim Anderson, a print journalism major, and Jimmy Graben, a broadcast journalism major, will serve as co-sports editors for The Collegian. The two sports aficionados hope to cover the major sports that Fresno State is known for nationwide, as well as shine the spotlight on other sports and athletic events throughout the semester.

Due to the retirement of mass communication and journalism professor and Collegian faculty adviser Jim Tucker, mass communication and journalism professor Jefferson Beavers will also be a new addition to The Collegian as its faculty adviser.

Thankfully, this green staff will also have the help of a few returning Collegian staffers, such as opinion editor Mathew Gomes, photo editor Juan Villa and multimedia editor Joseph Hollak.

The combination of bright new editors and experienced Collegian staffers means new semester resolutions for The Collegian.

The start of the new semester, for me at least, means new semester resolutions.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, so I stick more to new semester resolutions.

In the past these have been relegated to my classes — deciding to read the assigned books or promising myself that I wouldn’t procrastinate and write the 20 page historical research paper on the day that it is due.

Now that I am the editor of the student-run newspaper, my new semester resolutions will also include The Collegian.

Besides the typical goals of making sure reporters and section editors follow their deadlines, the other editors and I hope to bring you the award-winning coverage that Fresno State students are accustomed to seeing from The Collegian.

Any events or news that affect the students, staff and faculty at Fresno State will be in The Collegian.

And any news and events that this community feels needs to be covered by The Collegian is welcome, so please bring by your own story ideas.

We hope the both new and old students join us in our new semester resolutions for The Collegian by making your own resolutions — perhaps they will include picking up a copy of The Collegian or visiting The Collegian Online.

Jessica Szalay is a graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in history. She claims to be able to recite the script of “The Princess Bride” word for word.

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