May 30, 2020

Students asked “Got Milk?” at Wellness finale

Happily holding up a sign, Wellness Challenge participant Sandee Archacki finds out she is the winner of a cruise. The Wellness Challenge lasted from mid-February and ended Wednesday. Winners were announced Wednesday afternoon in The Pit.
Joseph Vasquez / The Collegian

Got Milk’s 10th annual Mustache Mobile Tour made a stop Wednesday at Fresno State, uttering the importance of adding milk to a well-balanced diet. The tour’s appearance at the university was a part of the Wellness Challenge’s closing ceremonies held in The Pit.

Got Milk representative Kathleen Wesley waved down students from her booth, encouraging them to sample low-fat milkshakes before having their very own milk mustache pictures taken in front of a larger-than-life, bright blue banner marked with the tour’s trademark slogan — “Got Milk?�

Wesley said bringing the nationwide tour to Fresno State’s campus gets students excited about drinking milk, giving them the opportunity to learn about its health benefits.

“We’re trying to get young people to incorporate milk in their diet,� Wesley said. “Sugary beverages like sodas just don’t provide the nutrients the body needs in order for it to function at its best.�

Wesley also said that since college students are always on the go, having a reliable source of energy is important — something she says an eight-ounce glass of milk can provide.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that milk can really give you that little extra boost you might need to get you through the day,� Wesley said. “It’s more nutritious than coffee, and you really feel good about yourself after drinking it.�

Richie Shehadey, director of sales and marketing at locally-owned Producers Dairy, echoed the significance of milk as a part of a low-calorie diet from his booth where posters of famous celebrities such as Sheryl Crow and Bernie Mac adorned with milk mustaches were given to those passing by.

Shehadey said since Producers Dairy is a local company, it was important that they be a part of the Mustache Mobile Tour’s stop in the Central Valley.

“Producers [Dairy] cares about the health of those living in Fresno — especially the health of young people, like students,� Shehadey said. “When Got Milk asked us to be here today, we couldn’t refuse the opportunity.�

Along with posters, Producers Dairy also offered free samples of its milk products.

Kinesiology major Javier Banda and business major Thomas Flores were just two of the many students who taste-tested Producers milk.

“We just tasted their double-chocolate milk, and it was actually pretty good,� Flores said.

But to Banda, taste isn’t the most important thing when he thinks of milk.

“As a kinesiology major, I have learned a lot about what low calcium can do to your body over time,� Banda said, “so I think it’s great that Got Milk is here trying to get students to think about their health and the health of their bones.�

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