Aug 08, 2020

Shooting receives international attention

Officers speak with people in University Village Tuesday morning, as the search continued for the shooting suspect. Live coverage of the event appeared on CNN.
Andrew Riggs / The Collegian

The recent school shooting at Virginia Tech has elevated awareness both nationally and internationally.

As a result of Monday night’s incident at the University Village apartment complex at Cedar and Barstow avenues, CNN contacted The Collegian requesting a representative appear on the “Nancy Grace” television show. However, the plans were cancelled when it was discovered that a satellite truck would not be available.

During the situation and eventual apprehension of Jonquel Brooks, local television and radio stations as well as newspapers covered the event as it unfolded.

Live coverage of a press conference given by Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, with an appearance by University President John Welty, also appeared on CNN.

According to Public Information Specialist Tom Uribes, Fresno State was contacted by a radio station in Buenos Aires, The Nippon News and The Tokyo Times.

Dr. Lucia Hammar, the director of the International Student Services, said it had also received a call of general inquiry about the well-being of international students from Japan.

Hammar said students who live near the shooting and work in the International Student Services offices naturally expressed concern, but said, “We have not been receiving calls about the shooting.”

Uribes said the Virginia Tech tragedy has spurred “added interest” in instances of violence on or near school campuses.

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