Counseling staff aids evacuees

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Paul Oliaro said the counseling staff of the Student Health Center was on alert to help any students in need of someone to listen to them in the wake of Monday night’s shooting that left a former Fresno State student dead and two other people wounded.

Dr. Gena Gechter, the coordinator for counseling services at the health center, was working at University Courtyard Tuesday afternoon to help students who had been displaced by the evacuation of University Village.

According to Oliaro, Fresno State’s Health and Psychological Services is also communicating with the manager of University Village to make their services available to residents in need.

Oliaro said it was reasonable to assume there are some students who will need help in dealing with their own reactions to the incident, as well as any friends or family of the victims. Oliaro described the event as “pretty traumatic” whether or not students were in the immediate vicinity.

Josie Rangel, a counselor for Health and Psychological Services, said students who may be in need of help should be on the lookout for signs such as:

• appetite disturbances

• sleep disturbances

• constant fear or nightmares

•difficulty in concentrating or attending their regular responsibilities

Rangel said students are encouraged to seek out support systems and if necessary, visit the health center to consult with a counselor or physician.

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