Aug 07, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Responsibility for impact of video games should be shared

The media today is protected by the First Amendment, and people have the right to publish. Despite freedom of speech, popular mass media need to consider the outcome of various publications because of the documented correlation between violent media and youth violence.

Teenagers are inspired by violent video games that show blood, murder, and crime. Most teenagers think it is okay to conduct these types of violent behaviors.

School shootings, homicides, and auto thefts are all behaviors that teenagers are exposed to through violent video games. In some games the main purpose is to shoot as many police officers as possible. This type of media presentation is irresponsible. Despite the known fact that violent media is correlated with aggression in youth, the media are not held accountable.

While parents and children should be held responsible for their behaviors the producer of the game and our society should be held accountable for distributing such inhumane video games. it self’s fault for allowing these crimes to occur.

The publisher of the game and our society is accountable for distributing such inhumane video games. We as a society have allowed these types of games to be mass produced and marketed extensively to our youth.

We could start making a change by not purchasing violent video games and monitoring what children watch on television. We could report complaints to the (FCC) Federal Communication Commission of any form of media that as a society we don’t think is moral.

Peter M. Carreon

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