Aug 07, 2020

AS fails to promote elections

While we realize that many students on campus do not care about the student government, Associated Students Inc. (the organization formerly known as Associated Students), we were surprised to find AS does not care about itself.

On Wednesday, April 11, the candidates for 2007-2008’s student body president, vice president of finance and senators were verified at the All-Candidate Meeting. Incumbents Juan Pablo Moncayo and Russel Statham, president and vice president finance respectively, are both running unopposed.

There are no senatorial candidates for the colleges of Arts & Humanities, Health & Human Services or Social Sciences. With the exception of the College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, every other college has only one candidate running. It doesn’t seem like much of a competition.

As many know, voter turnout among young people is low. According to a Washington Post article from 2004, about 51 percent of citizens ages 18-29 participated in the 2004 presidential election. Compared to participation in Fresno State’s presidential election, that’s a deluge.

In the AS presidential election in 2006, 1,398 of an approximate 22,098 students participated — barely more than 6 percent.

So why is AS not doing everything it can to promote the rapidly approaching election, which is scheduled for April 24-26? Why isn’t AS bombarding the student body to encourage students to register as write-in candidates for the colleges that currently have no potential senators?

Associated Students originally purchased six advertisements from The Collegian to promote the elections. After the All-Candidate Meeting, AS pulled the remaining four ads that had not yet run. Thanks to a terrific advertising staff, this is not of great financial consequence to The Collegian.

However, we find it sad that AS has made the decision not to promote the election. We understand that the majority of candidates don’t exist or are running unopposed, but we believe this lack of effort on the part of AS will only lead to even greater apathy from Fresno State’s student body.

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