Nov 15, 2019

Riding waves costs cash

By Danelle Brockett
Collegian Staff Writer

With spring just arriving and summer on its way, Fresno State students are starting to plan their vacation time.

For the past eight summers, senior Sonny Botello and five of his friends have gone to lakes in the Fresno area. Botello, 22, and his friends ride the waters with personal watercrafts about 10 times a summer at Millerton and Bass Lake.

He says going that often can get expensive, especially when more people join them.

“With more people comes with the need to fill up the Sea-Doo’s gas tank more often, because more people are riding them. Also, you will need to buy more food and drinks to accommodate everybody,� Botello said.

Students who plan on using personal watercrafts, wakeboarding or boating this summer can expect riding the waves to cost them some green.

Personal Watercrafts

Those who have a Jet Ski or know someone who has one may save money, but Botello says cash will still be coming out of your wallet.

“At the lake, pending on gas prices and how much you ride the Sea-Doo, it will cost about $35 per Jet Ski, every three hours to refill the Sea-Doo’s gas tank,� Botello said.

Students who don’t have Jet Skis can rent them at most lakes.

Renting policies, for personal watercrafts, wakeboards and boats may vary, so make sure to find out the details from the company whose equipment you are renting.

Shaver Lake has rentals that cost $300 for the entire day.

At Bass Lake, Jet Skis can be rented by the hour or for the whole day. Renting a Jet Ski for four hours costs $280. Those who want to rent for the whole day should expect to add an additional $50 to the four hour rental fee.

Total cost: $35-$370


For some students, summer was made for wakeboarding on the lake.

For those who don’t have wakeboards Herb Bauer Sporting Goods offers a one day rental for $20. Each additional day costs an additional $10.

Buying a board is a much more significant investment.

“A decent board will cost anywhere from $300 to $350. On average it’s more students buying boards than any other crowd,� said David Geil, a Herb Bauer sales employee.

Tubing is another popular sport that many students enjoy doing on the lake.

“It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s a lot of fun, except when you fall off and hit the water…that hurts,� junior Michelle Jensen said.
Tubes can be rented at Herb Bauer for $12 a day. Additional days will cost $6.

“If you want to buy a tube, the price is anywhere from $60-500. We get a lot of parents who buy tubes for their kids,� Geil said.

Total cost: $12-$500


Without a boat, students can’t wakeboard, go tubing, or cruise the lake.

At Bass Lake, students can rent a speed boat that fits 10 people for $500 for five hours. To rent for the whole day it costs $600.

For students who would rather rent a luxury patio boat, which holds 14 people, expect to pay $260 for five hours.

Total cost: $260-$600

From boating to Jet Skiing, over a course of the summer, renting adds up and can make a dent in your wallet for some summer fun.
Botello says the fun is worth the money.

“No matter how much it costs, I can’t wait to do it again this summer. It’s so much fn,� Botello said.

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