Aug 07, 2020

Time for school to take the baton with respect to campus recycling program

Our Opinions

After seeing it in action for the last few months, we are all rather pleased with the results of the efforts of Fresno State Plant Operations in implementing its recycling program around campus.

The plan was put into effect this semester after efforts by Associated Students to start a similar program. The Plant Operations version was finally approved in October of last semester.

Currently, the recycling program represents a partnership between the campus and the city of Fresno, with the Local Conservation Corps providing the means for physically removing recyclable waste from the campus. Since they are providing the manpower for this, the pilot year of the program, the Conservation Corps is also keeping the proceeds from this effort.

These proceeds, however, amount to more than just pocket change. Rather, a recycling audit by Fresno city approximated the value of bottles and cans that were formerly just thrown away as upwards of $3 million annually.

We are all aware of the various financial problems at Fresno State, and we believe the campus should take advantage of a program already in place and that should certainly bring the school profits. The initiation of this plan was a step in the right direction, but the school would benefit even more from taking full responsibility for its continued implementation.

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