Aug 07, 2020

Thrifty spring fashion finds

Wrap yourself in graphic T-shirts, miniskrits for under $10

On a recent episode of “America’s Next Top Model,� the wannabe supermodels were challenged to find the best ensemble possible in a thrift store — in three minutes.

It would have been easier to eat worms on “Fear Factor.�

Thrift store shopping is not for the faint of heart. It is a delicate art that requires a ton of patience and a good amount of time on your hands.

In honor of The Collegian’s fashion issue, I hit the streets to scope out who’s got the best deals in Fresno.

Now I’m no thrift store virgin, but my bargain-hunting skills had gotten a little rusty and I was eager to begin my second-hand sleuthing.

First I headed downtown, the best place for an authentic “thrifting� experience. My favorites are three-in-a-row thrift stores which are located on Van Ness between Inyo and Mono.

I first checked out American Vintage Thrift. The store is cleaner and more organized than most thrift stores, making it much easier to find what you didn’t know you were looking for.

For $20 I found a cowboy shirt that no emo kid should be without ($3.99), a baffling graphic T-shirt with a middle-aged lady sporting an impossible orange beehive ($2.99), a Guinness T-shirt, perfect for any fraternity boy ($1.99), a blue cotton miniskirt ($3.99), a three-quarter sleeve yellow shirt from the Gap, ($3.99) and a super-cute red sundress with blue flowers ($2.99). Sweet.

Next door, Emerald Thrift Store boasts a great selection of glassware, plates and rows and rows of Dockers and jeans — just the place if you’re looking for some fuchsia pants, a steal at $2.95.

One door down, The D.A.V. thrift store is the place for funky T-shirts generally for under two bucks.

Also, for girls looking for an authentic thrift store T-shirts, I suggest browsing the little boys section where the shirts are just as ironic and provide a snugger fit.

Next, I moseyed over to the Tower District and wandered into Retro Rag, located at 733 E. Olive.

Retro Rag is more of a vintage specialty store as the merchandise is more expensive because it is handpicked to be cool. These days, however, about half of the store is new merchandise.

Here you are guaranteed a rad find that will impress all of your hipster friends but you’ll only snag a piece or two for $20.

Guys will leave with a swell specimen but the store is definitely geared more toward the ladies.

I thought I’d wrap things up with a trip to Plato’s Closet, a national chain located near campus at First and Shaw.

It’s similar to Retro Rag in that the items are higher quality and all the good stuff has been gathered in one place.

The store is geared towards children, teens and 20-somethings with tons of name brands. Plato’s Closet also boasts designer denim like Rock and Republic and 7 for All Mankind jeans, averaging about $60.

So if you’re searching for an authentic thrift store experience and are willing to put in the extra time, then you’ll definitely want to head downtown. You will have to watch for holes and stains but you’ll find the most unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Remember, although places like Plato’s Closet and Retro Rag guarantee a quick find, half the fun is the search and the hard work you put into scoring that polyester hot-pink bowling shirt.

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