Aug 13, 2020

The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to Fresno’s diligent police force this St. Paddy’s Day — drunk driving is a bad thing and it’s worse when you’re green.

Thumbs up to March Madness. We wish you were here all year long. We would never leave our couches.

Thumbs down to the sun — besides facilitating the growth of allergy-causing flowers and trees, it has also been known to cause (in humans subjected to prolonged exposure) the painful reddening and subsequent peeling of said exposed epidermal regions, particularly the arms, legs, face, and back.

Thumbs down to spring break. In our minds you start on Cesar Chavez Day, so you are approximately 11 days, eight hours and seven minutes away. And counting.

Thumbs up to the movie “Heat.” It was good 11 years ago and it’s still good today — much better than director Michael Mann’s latest onscreen disaster, “Miami Vice.”

“The One-Finger Salute” is culled each week from discussions in The Collegian newsroom.

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