Spring trends deciphered

Shoppers can expect to see plenty of baby doll tops for girls this season, plaid shorts for guys

Springtime is rapidly approaching along with new fashion trends that are expected to bloom this season.

Although girls and guys styles of clothing differ quite a bit, there are still some key trends for each gender this season.

“The newest and best selling item right now is the baby doll top,� Pam Poe, buyer for juniors at Gottschalks said. Poe described this item as something every girl must have in her closet. The baby doll top has a form-fitting silhouette above the high seam and is something that has been very successful at Gottschalks.

Some students agreed with this new trend.

“I do think there is such a thing as spring fashion, looking around campus what seems to be pretty popular are the baby doll looking tops. This style seems to be the must have for the season,� psychology major Imelda Cavazos said.

While some students agreed, others had strong opinions against the new trend.

“I would never want my fashion choices to provoke a question of whether or not I am expecting a child. I think I’ll save the maternity clothes for when I actually need them,� biology major Velma Goodwater said. “Although, I’m sure a big loose shirt is a viable option for someone wanting to ignore the upcoming swimsuit season.�

A key fashion trend for men this season is all but unusual. According to Luis Ramirez, men’s buyer for Gottschalks, dark plaid shorts are the must have item this season for guys. “It is a skater look that not everyone could pull off,� Ramirez said. Ramirez compared the dark plaid shorts to skinny jeans mentioning that this look may not be for all.

While some students agreed with the fashion trends other did not.

“I don’t think there is a so-called ‘spring fashion’ for men or women. Personally I think people look their best when they wear what makes them feel good. You can always tell when someone is comfortable with their looks, they have a certain walk to them. I’d say a must have item for the spring is definitely a good pair of shades. I don’t go anywhere without my Von Zippers,� business management major Christopher Curry said.

Though some students believe that individuals themselves make up their own unique trends, others believe in the notion of spring fashion.

“I do believe there is such a thing as men’s and women’s spring fashion, light clothes become a must have because of Fresno’s tendency to get Africa hot! The must haves for men are simple, just shorts and T-shirts and some rainbow sandals,� Chaseln Simmons, animal science major said.

This spring season offers many different trends for girls and guys, leaving just enough room for self-expression. While some students feel that there is no such thing as spring fashion, two of hottest trends for the season are baby doll tops for girls and dark plaid shorts for guys.

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