More parking blues

Attention Students:

Thursday, March 22nd, the southern part of Lot V (northwest corner of Woodrow and Shaw avenues, across from the Student Rec Center) will be closed as preliminary work begins on a photovoltaic parking structure project. Students are encouraged to utilize Lot Y on the north side of Barstow Avenue, and Lot S south of the football stadium. Additional parking will be made available during construction. Please see the link to the map at for exact locations.

The project includes renovating and paving the lot surface, building parking shelters for more than 700 spaces and putting electricity-generating solar panels on top of the parking shelters. Access to the northern portion of the lot will be available until mid-April. As work progresses, the entire lot will be closed. The work is expected to be complete by the beginning of the fall semester.

If you have any questions you may leave a message on the campus traffic hotline at 278-6040.

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