Lose the stripper heels

By Dannielle McCurdy
Special to The Collegian

When I see a pair of clear Lucite heels, one thought usually comes to mind: strippers.

Lucite heels are generally regarded as stripper shoes.

Now, the only reason for concern about this is that this season the Lucite trend is taking over.

Open any fashion magazine and it seems to be that “clear� is the way to go. Not only just high heels but bracelets, bags, necklaces, you name it. There will be nothing to hide this spring.

Everyone from Chanel to Marc Jacobs to Forever 21 is in on the bandwagon. It’s the whole idea for “futuristic� fashion that’s creating such a buzz this spring.

Sure, a bracelet or necklace can be cute. A clear bag I can see, if you don’t mind people seeing your belongings.

But, clear heels?

I don’t think so. I can’t help but think that investing a lot of money in this see-through trend will only be a waste of money.

When you go out shopping for those new “gotta have� spring items, why not opt for something more useful such as a pair of cork wedges, a super-short shift dress, a gold purse, or any piece of clothing in a bright color.

I strongly believe that money could go much further or be better spent on the more practical spring trends, especially this season where there is so many to choose from.

If you’ve been genetically blessed with a great pair of legs, then the daring hemlines influenced by the ’60s will be just right.

Is your style more on the preppy side? Then there are plenty of cropped jackets, plaid shorts and mini skirts in store for you.

You can even indulge a love of graphics with black and white geometrics.

Or maybe you want a more feminine look, then there’s no need to worry, ballet and dance inspired trends are here with the romantic nod to ruffles everywhere.

It seems to be that this season there’s something to please everyone out there that’s fashionable and doesn’t deal with Lucite.

If by some chance though, you still feel the need, that strong desire for those Lucite heels or wedges that you just have to have, then by all means, go out and buy them.

More power to you my friend. It takes a daring and confident person to pull off the latest fashion trends.

For all I know I could be totally wrong and the Lucite heel will become the new standard for fashion to come.

But please, do consider one thing before you buy those shoes: Do you really want to spend money on something that is considered a staple in a stripper’s wardrobe?

Maybe not.

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