Library to get new catalog system over spring break

On April 2, while Fresno State students are relaxing on their spring break, the library’s new Millennium Library Catalog will go live.

Art and English literature sophomore Edgar Saldivar said he is looking forward to seeing the new system and what it has to offer.

“The ALIS system that the library is using right now is severely outdated,� Saldivar said. “I think the new system will definitely bring us up into the 21st century.�

According to Hye Ok Park, head of library technology at the Madden Library, the ALIS system has been in use for more than 15 years.

Park realized the need for change in the catalog’s technology following the groundbreaking ceremony of the new library’s construction.

“We knew that we needed a system that would reflect the look and feel of the new library,� Park said. “The Millennium is simply a new generation system that is very powerful.�

According to Park, more than 4,500 other libraries nationwide use the Millennium system. What it means for Fresno State students in particular is the ability to search library materials faster and more accurately. It should also provide improved access to personal library accounts and links to other online resources, Park said.

The system is designed to be more user friendly, Park said. When a student wants to request materials, authentication is based on the student’s Fresno State e-mail and password.

“We wanted to make the system completely student-centered,� Park said. “Having that in mind, we knew that it had to be both simple and sleek.�

Susan Lewis, who has been the Madden Library’s circulation supervisor for more than 17 years, said she is welcoming the new system with open arms.

“Our old system was wonderful at the time,� Lewis said. “But it’s time for a change.�

Lewis said the circulation desk’s main goal is customer service — with the new system in place, its goal can be reached much easier.

“It has been our number one focus from day one, to make the students at this university happy,� Lewis said. “Anything that we can do to better assist them in their education is our sole priority.�

Renaldo Gjoshe, information technology assistant at the Madden Library, said he found the ALIS system hard to use. He graduated from Fresno State with a BA in information systems last May.

Gjoshe designed the layout of the new system keeping his past experience as a student in mind.

With easy to understand icons, a built-in spell-checker and a place to access what books a student’s professor has put on reserve to read, the library’s new catalog system is loaded with updated features.

“I think it’s a really good idea that they’re upgrading the system,� Saldivar said. “Although students won’t be here when it first starts being used, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the library’s effort to improve their experience at the university.�

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