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I hope I make 15-year-old me proud

I think there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with being so young, having big dreams and fearing disappointment and failure if they don’t come to the expected fruition. I often think back to 15-year-old Chrissy — a younger version ...

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Letter: After school programs are key to getting kids off their phones

By: Stephany Corona As a college student, I know well that many of today’s youth are focused too much on social media, their electronic devices and improving their popularity status regardless of the cost. Instead of focusing on improving their ...

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Being a twenty something is a lot of pressure

I’ve been told time and time again that I need to take advantage of my current life – one in which I am a 21 year-old who is unmarried, does not have kids and is close to graduating college. People ...

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Nationally recognized art professor dead at 67

A nationally recognized art and design professor who was an active part of the Fresno community died Saturday. Dr. Paulette Fleming, 67, joined Fresno State as a faculty member in 1988. Throughout her life, she dedicated herself toward educating the ...

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Easy living in Fresno for recent grads, study finds

Fresno was recently ranked the 24th best city in the nation for those under 35, according to website, stirring surprise amongst some circles and grabbing attention from the likes of Al Jazeera America. “What makes Fresno a great city ...

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